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Grumper beard. Listless writer. Working on an escape. Lit freak, editor. Anthologizes all the things.



Work. I’ve worked in copy editing and communications, as well as graphic design and front-end web stuff. These days I assist literary projects with shared reading programs and literature promotion.

Likes. I’m interested in many things. Generally those would be: society, media and culture; design, art and literature; science, history and tech. These intersect and vary in intensity.

Aspie. In 2011 I was diagnosed to be on the spectrum. Usually that’s not a problem, sometimes people think it is. It does make me who I am.

City. Stuck in Antwerp as proxy for Brussels. Currently petless. I dislike clutter. I want to become a better man.

Blog. I’ve been blogging more or less consistently since the mid-2000s, creating online since well before that. From 2015, the site here focuses on Dutch content, because work, people, stuff.

Writing. I’ve always loved creative writing. I finished a novel once, wrote some horrible poetry, gave up repeatedly. A while back I got kickstarted in submitting and performing new work.