Privacy, terms, disclaimers, advice

In short: this site will not deliberately track you and I’m not interested in who you are or what you do online.

  • This is a personal web log with no commercial incentive.
  • It has no comment fields and no user logins. You are as anonymous as you care to be.
  • The site runs on WordPress CMS and comes with a limited number of active plugins.
  • No cookies are set, except for those that come with the CMS or the plugins used.
  • The site uses WP Jetpack and Gravatar, which set their own cookies and pixels, and gather a limited amount of analytics data.
  • The site applies and respects Do Not Track, blocking any third-party code that might come with installed themes and plugins.
  • You can check, set and block cookies within your browser on an individual basis.
  • It’s recommended you check your browser’s cookie settings and use a privacy extension against trackers such as Privacy badger.
  • The site contains no ads and no sharing buttons.
  • Images are loaded from WP CDN.
  • Fonts are loaded from Google.
  • The site stores no other data explicitly and I don’t check.
  • All content is CC BY SA NC. You are free to copy, redistribute, mix under the same license but not commercialise the content unless specifically and personally granted. This equally applies to my writing unless otherwise stated.
  • By using the site, obviously you agree to all the above.
  • You are free (and advised) to browse securely and anonymously by taking whatever precautions you deem fit.

For inquiries, suggestions or bugs: hello at this domain. Your email will not be used for anything other than replying.

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// Last edit: 2018/07/08